Cat trumps fiance by more than a whisker

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DEAR READERS:I'm marking my 10-year anniversary of writing the "Ask Amy" column by rerunning some of my favorite Q&As from the early days of the column. I return Monday.

DEAR AMY: How do you tell a gal you won't marry her because you are allergic to her stupid cat? Actually, I think she loves the cat more than me!


DEAR DISGUSTED: If you think your gal loves her cat more than she loves you, then she probably does. Telling her you won't marry her might not be a problem. (2004)

DEAR AMY: I have been following basically the same route to work for the past seven years. In that time I recognize several good-looking women driving the same route. I have only seen these women in their cars. I wonder how they would look if I could see them out of the car. Since I know where they turn in to their places of work, it would be easy to follow them one day and watch. If I did this, would I be a stalker?


DEAR DOUG: No, you'd just be a creep. For now, it's a legal distinction -- which I hope you won't explore further. (2003)

DEAR AMY: I am in love. I'm so happy. I hear music in my head all the time. I'm just wondering, why does this feeling go away?

Singing a Happy Tune

DEAR SINGING: I know the feeling. You're hearing The Carpenters sing "Close to You." And, yes, it does go away. But if you're lucky, your head-music will change to Sinatra. The Sinatra era can last a long time. Once you move on to the George Jones /Tammy Wynette years, you know you're in trouble.

I don't think anyone really knows how to make this feeling stay, but try to hang onto it. You'll want to remember it some day. (2005)