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Amazon's new TV pilots: 'Betas'

Actor Ed Begley Jr. plays a financier in

(Credit: AP)

Amazon launched 14 pilots on its website this past weekend with the goal of creating a new series — or 14, depending on viewer response, which so far is good. The retail giant said eight of the 10 most streamed TV episodes this past weekend were among these, which include six children's show, and eight comedy pilots, including a remake of "Zombieland," and a show from Onion ("Onion...

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'NCIS:' Tony, Ziva share a moment ... a bad one

"NCIS' " Ziva (Cote de Pablo) and Tony

(Credit: CBS)

Well, this '"NCIS" clip featuring Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva (Cote de Pablo) was the prime time event last night -- and that includes anything you  might have seen on "Dancing with the Stars" or "The Voice" or even Ke$ha's new train derailment of a reality series on MTV. This was it . . . No spoilers so don't watch if you don't want anything spoiled. But it is quite dramatic. As a set up, they're in Berlin to find her father's killer.

North Dakota anchor gets Letterman, 'GMA' treatment

A.J. Clemente fired for using profanity on the

(Credit: A.J. Clemente fired for using profanity on air.)

Fame may last 15 minutes, but A.J. Clemente is guaranteed at least 15 seconds. You know who he is - how could you not in a web-based culture? He's the expletive-uttering-in-the-first-second-of-his-new-gig anchor ...(hey, if A.J. can't get work as a TV personality, they're still hiring in the oil fields of North Dakota and the pay's better.) "GMA's" overview from this morning...

CBS previews its series' finales

A media frenzy surrounding an unidentified criminal prompts

(Credit: Handout)

This is nice, serioulsy: CBS has put out this video that pretty much previews the whole primetime finale shebang. Message to CBS: Please make this a regular habit, and while you're at it, a preview reel of series premieres and special mid-season episodes would be much appreciated too. And my thanks in advance....By the way, this is not the WHOLE shebang - a few series are missing, like "Two Broke Girls" and I don't think I saw "The Big Bang Theory," but maybe I was in a hurry. Still, I like this... 

 Take a look...


'Kesha: My Crazy Beautiful Life' premieres on MTV


(Credit: Getty Images)

What kind of TV blog would this be if it didn't warn you...err, tell you about Ke$ha's new much-hyped documentary series that begins Tuesday on MTV titles "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life?" MTV at 11?

Not much of a TV blog, that's what. 

But really, watching this trailer makes me worried about the longterm mental health and stability of Ke$ha. Too much booze, too much partying, too much everything - as this trailer indicates - equals "not good in the long run." (Ask Lindsay ...) Meanwhile, consider this a slight departure, ironically enough, for MTV -- a series based on a pop music figure, for a change.

'Duck Dynasty' finale, with Segways

Phil Robertson poses with a mouth-blown duck call

(Credit: A&E Network)

"Duck Dynasty" — a hit, you may have heard — ends Wednesday night, or at least the current season does, and in commemoration, a clip.

This one comes courtesy of AOL. What do we learn here? (A book by commentator David Brooks — "Bobos in Paradise" comes to mind, but not sure Brooks ever imagined this  ...)

That they don't know how to drive Segways, and the Segways can't make heads nor tails of the bearded ones either. Also, that ducks do not fly over Hawaii. Lucky ducks.

"Duck Dynstasy" has been averaging around 8.5 million per episode this season. That's quite a crowd.

'Mad Men' recap: The best lines from Sunday's 'To Have and To Hold'

From left, Bertram Cooper (Robert Morse), Pete Campbell

(Credit: AMC)

So let's talk "To Have and To Hold," the third episode of "Mad Men's" sixth season and judging by the Twittersphere reaction two days later, the least liked episode so far. Which more than anything proves the downside of crowdsourcing opinions — they can be wrong, everywhere, instantly.

"To Have and To Hold" was this season's best episode. It was a pure pleasure...

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Amazon's new TV pilots: 'Alpha House'

Actor John Goodman attends "The Big Lebowski" Blu-ray

(Credit: Getty Images)

Amazon launched itself into history this week with the premiere of a batch of pilots -- like John Goodman's "Alpha House" -- that'll take it into direct competition with major cable networks and major broadcast ones, too. This week in this space, I'll take a look at some of the big  ones (and yes, there are quite a few -- 14, to be exact, via Amazon Studios, the website's new TV division)...

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Boston Marathon bombing coverage: What did the TV networks learn? Anything?

Emergency crews respond to the scene near the

(Credit: CNN)

It may have taken a weekend to process, but April 19 does now appear to have been the most dramatic day for network television news since Katrina's destruction of New Orleans. It was a roaring blast of images, facts, speculation, gossip, dead-ends, loose ends, wild conjecture, ferocious street reporting, and, at moments, a wild throw-caution-to-the-wind melee that had news crews rushing to the source...

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'Dexter' will wrap after the eighth season, Showtime says

Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall of "Dexter"

(Credit: AP)

One of the enduring mysteries in TV now has a final answer: "Dexter" will end, after next season, its eighth. (And believe me, there was a time when it looked as if "Dex" would go on forever -- or until every last monster, serial killer and evildoer in South Florida was dispatched by the blood-splatter specialist with a secret ... ) 

 The eighth and final season begins June 30 at 9 p.m.

"'Dexter' is a landmark franchise for our network, and we cannot wait to unveil the conclusion of this series, as we know it, to the millions of passionate fans who have supported the show season after season," said David Nevins, president of entertainment of Showtime Networks Inc. "We'd like to thank Michael, Jennifer and 'Dexter 's' indomitable cast, executive producers, writers and crew for eight incredible seasons."

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