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Doctor's Diagnosis: Quitting smoking

This file image shows a woman smoking a

(Credit: Newsday / Audrey C. Tiernan)

Since smoking at the beach club is prohibited, my pal Jim has to sneak out to the parking lot when he feels the urge for a cigarette. He knows that due to his smoking he is at high risk for heart and lung disease, stroke and many types of cancer. So why doesn’t he quit? In short: nicotine.

Nicotine is one of thousands of chemicals inhaled when smoking tobacco. It is absorbed into the blood...

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Tapeworms: A diet plan with a long list of health risks

Tapeworms are stored in jars at an exhibit

What is typically only an issue in underdeveloped countries (and in the occasional case of eating undercooked meat), tapeworms recently made headlines when the story emerged of a Florida woman who willingly fed her teen daughter the tiny parasites.

In an episode of “Untold Stories of the ER” on Discovery Channel, a nurse recalls when a woman admitted to having fed her daughter a tapeworm pill...

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Doctor's Diagnosis: Pallative care

A file photo of a hospital bed taken

(Credit: Newsday / Audrey C. Tiernan)

The oncologist spoke with certainty when she told us that any further attempt to treat my mother-in-law’s cancer was useless. As the family slowly came to understand what the doctor was really telling us, we were left with one overwhelming question: “Now what?”

In the past, in situations like this, health care providers and family members would often silently agree to not share the unfortunate...

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2014 New York City Marathon training: First steps

The most important thing in long-distance running is

(Credit: Newsday / Edward B. Colby)

A Sunday morning in August. Central Park. An NYRR 5-mile race is about to start, and the field’s getting excited, revved up by a loud airing of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck.”

That’s how my head feels, as I sit on a bench to the side. I’d woken up with a migraine, and as the minutes count down, I don’t appreciate AC/DC at all. Too much noise. But I’m training for this year’s New York City Marathon...

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Study: Skipping sleep may increase risk of false memories, compromise criminal investigations

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have

(Credit: iStock)

Skipping a few hours of sleep here and there, or even on a regular basis, may seem like a small price to pay to fit in some extra socializing or get that last bit of work done. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have called insufficient sleep a public health epidemic. And new research suggests there’s yet another reason sleep needs to be taken seriously.

A study published online...

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Doctor's Diagnosis: Ovarian cancer


(Credit: iStock)

My mom was “old school” and never complained as she experienced the various aches and pains that are a normal part of the aging process.

So it was very alarming when she started having vague abdominal pains, and complained of feeling bloated after eating small meals. Eventually we discovered the source of her problems: she had ovarian cancer. Despite surgery and chemotherapy, she eventually...

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Doctor's Diagnosis: Narcan

A kit with naloxone, also known by its

(Credit: AP / Mel Evans)

It’s no secret that Long Island has recently experienced a large increase in deaths from heroin overdoses. Years ago, when my friend Raymond became a police officer in Suffolk County, he underwent extensive training in the traditional techniques law enforcement uses to deal with this type of problem. Recently he got called back for additional training: He needed to learn how to use Narcan.


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Health in the news: How much do you know?

A patient in which NYC hospital was suspected

(Credit: iStock)

How well have you been paying attention to the health-related stories in the news this week?

Take our quiz for the week of Aug. 4 to find out.

App readers, please click the link below to take the quiz.


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Hidden risks in using spray sunscreen for kids

Consumer Reports released a warning last month not

(Credit: AP)

Think before you spray this summer. Your spray-on sunscreen may pose some hidden risks.

Consumer Reports released a warning last month not to use spray sunscreens on or around children, which comes after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s 2011 revised sunscreen guidelines pointed out that there was not sufficient data about sprays, as compared to lotions, oils and creams. The FDA called...

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Doctor's Diagnosis: M is for melanoma

Certain skin cells produce a pigment that gives

(Credit: HealthDay)

While enjoying one of Long Island’s great pleasures — sunning myself at the beach — my good friend Greg ruined everything by telling me, “Hey, Steve, that mole on your neck needs to be checked.” Eventually, I did get around to having it examined and it’s a good thing I did: It was a melanoma, the deadliest of all skin cancers.

Certain skin cells produce a pigment that gives the skin its color....

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