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Exercises for seniors on Long Island

Seniors participate in a Zumba class through the

(Credit: John Meehan)

When I ask my grandparents on the phone what’s new, they usually answer that they’re sticking to the routine: going to the gym three times a week, spending time with my younger cousins, and sprinkling in a lecture, film screening, or day trip. I’m always impressed by their dedication to exercise long past retirement age, and every time, I make a mental note that I should be (at least) matching their...

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Tips for exercising in the heat this summer

Even though our bodies contain a natural cooling

(Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara)

While the Long Island summer months tend to breed an eagerness to exercise outdoors, people should also be aware of the potential for a heat-related emergency.

Even though our bodies contain a natural cooling mechanism -- perspiration -- it can still overheat and lead to heat stroke, a potentially deadly condition.

Heat Stroke, the point when organs begin to fail and shut down, is normally...

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40 isn't too old to start intensive exercise, study finds

Men who begin endurance exercise after age 40

(Credit: iStock )

Men who begin endurance exercise after age 40 may get similar long-term heart benefits as those who start training before age 30, new research finds.

The study included 40 healthy men, between the ages of 55 and 70, who had no heart disease risk factors. Ten of the men had never exercised for more than two hours a week. The remaining 30 had exercised for at least seven hours a week for more...

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Timeflies band members talk balancing health and fitness with music career

Cal Shapiro, left, and Rob Resnick bonded over

(Credit: Patrick Randak)

Cal Shapiro and Rob Resnick bonded over a love of music when they met in college. The duo went on to start their band Timeflies, which performed at Lollapalooza in 2013, and now finds that another common interest adds to their success.

Shapiro, 25, and Resnick, 24, both rank health and fitness as a priority and push each other to achieve their goals despite busy schedules.

Shapiro, a...

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One woman's 100 day weight loss journey

LaKeisha, who is using a relatively new social

(Credit: YouTube)

A relatively new social media site, 100 ( asks users to do something, anything of their choosing, for 100 days. Briefly browsing through the projects posted on the site, there are any number of skills being practiced, from juggling to drawing and even unicycle riding.

The one project garnering the most attention for the page, however, is a series of videos (more than 100...

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Justin Bieber’s workout routine all about upper body

Justin Bieber and his trainer, Patrick Nilsson, right,

(Credit: Patrick Nilsson)

Justin Bieber’s workout routine is all about his upper body.

“We all want impressive chest and arms,” Bieber told Newsday, during his recent tour in Asia.

And for the pop star’s trainer, it’s all about adding more size to Bieber’s 5-foot-9, 137-pound frame.

“Justin was about 120 pounds when we started,” said personal trainer Patrick Nilsson. “I want to put at least 20 more pounds...

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Tips for staying healthy when traveling

Staying healthy isn?t easy when you?re constantly on

(Credit: iStock)

Staying healthy isn’t easy when you’re constantly on the go, but there are some simple tips that can keep you in line with your regular routine even when you’re far away from home.

In order to fulfill your fitness requirements during your days away, try some of these travel workout tips by the Mayo Clinic:

— Do your research. If you’re staying at a hotel or a resort, for example, look...

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'Prancercise': The latest fitness fad

A screen shot of Prancercise founder Joanna Rohrback's

(Credit: YouTube)

Are you ready to workout?

Then strap on your ankle weights, throw on your favorite tight white spandex pants, find some awesome background music and get ready to Prancercise.

Yep, you read right. Prancercise.

If you have no clue what I'm talking about, may I introduce the latest fitness "craze," which includes prancing around like a horse.

According to the Prancercise...

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Long Island fitness buffs embrace pyramid training

As with any type of resistance training, the

(Credit: iStock )

To most of the world, pyramids are synonymous with ancient Egypt, but to fitness buffs it’s the favored form of resistance training.

The name may be foreign to some, but pyramid training has struck the fitness scene as the most popular method of resistance training. Unlike those training methods that cause a muscle to fail in a single set, pyramids spark the same reaction over the course of...

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Bikram yoga: You are going to sweat

Yoga in a hot room is sure to

(Credit: Getty Images)

I am not athletic by any means, but I’ve developed a love-hate relationship with Bikram Yoga (also called Hot Yoga).

The yoga practice involves a series of 26 body-bending poses, each repeated twice, done over a 90-minute period in a room heated to about 105 degrees with 40 percent humidity. What’s to hate, right?

But during my Bikram love cycles (my pattern involves a period of a few...

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