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Getting help on repaying student loans

Seek out help for dealing with overwhelming problems Seek out help for dealing with overwhelming problems with student loans. Photo Credit: iStock

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Robin Weiss, 41, a career-changer from Forest Hills, was one of about a dozen readers who wrote with specific questions about repaying student loans. The queries followed a recent Money Fix column on the subject.

Here are places where borrowers can look for personalized answers:

Armed with as much information as possible, check with your loan servicer, knowing that some are better than others and some are biased to options that work best for them, says Deanne Loonin, director of StudentLoanBorrowerAssist ( Click here

to connect.)

Try your alma mater's financial aid officer, which Weiss said she did but struck out.

Check for calculators to help you compare total costs and monthly payments of certain loan repayment options. Check also the "trouble repaying education loans" section for repayment approaches.

Submit questions to "Ask the Aid Advisor" at, where more than 100 college financial aid officers volunteer to answer questions.

You can also submit a question to "Ask Kantro" under "financial aid" on, where Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of both sites, answers two or three common questions a week. ( Click here to connect.)

If you have a federal loan dispute, check with the office of Ombudsman for Federal Student Aid at the U.S. Department of Education, which does informal fact-finding from both sides and recommends solutions. See (

Click here to connect.)

For legal assistance and other resources, check "Where to Go for Help" on Loonin's site. But the more you study up on the issue, she says, the more likely you'll be able "to deal with the problem without needing a lawyer."

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