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If it's this hard to raise the debt ceiling, how can Washington even think of solving real problems?

That's the next question we'll get to face, once this debt-limit fiasco is finally behind us -- and not a minute too soon. What used to be considered little more than a clerical tweak has paralyzed the nation's politics and rattled the world's most powerful economy. Now the same brittle people in charge of this are supposed to work together cheerily and solve health care, immigration, Iraq, Afghanistan and unemployment?

Some of those issues are actually tough.

With excruciating effort, Republican House Speaker John Boehner managed to placate his tea party freshmen long enough to pass a debt plan that had absolutely no chance of Senate approval. At the same time, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is conducting parallel maneuvers with similarly pointless prospects.

This is what passes for governing today.

And that might not be so bad if the U.S. economic health weren't hanging in the balance and if these same elected officials didn't have such a daunting load of issues waiting for them.

Which one should they tackle first?

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1. Let's meet way over on my side.


2. Share and share unalike.

3. I'll cut, I'll choose.

4. I'm right, you're wrong - shut up.

5. Uneven Steven.


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