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How much gulp is too much gulp?

Since a state appeals court took the fizz out of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's big-soda ban, beverage distributors, restaurant owners and movie-theater operators in the city have been high-fiving their constitutional right to dispense bathtub-sized Cokes, Pepsis and Slurpees. Libertarians, anarchists and men with very large guts have been smiling as well.

While the city's Board of Health has the power to ban "inherently harmful" foodstuffs, the Appellate Division judges ruled oversweetened beverages don't fall sufficiently into that category.

So here's a running tally from the save-your-life beat: City Hall has found a way to ban trans-fats, smoking in public places and most kind of guns. The city's gotten calories posted in chain restaurants and some cutbacks in salt.

All amid similar grumbling from the eat-what-I-want-to critics. And the adult obesity rate in the past 10 years has still gone up from 18 to 24 percent.

Bloomberg's promising to appeal the latest ruling, and you know he will. But eventually, city lawyers will find a way to cut the serving size of nondiet soft drinks.

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So drink up, OK?


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