Rabbi Marc Gellman

God Squad

Rabbi Marc Gellman writes about religion for Newsday.

God Squad 9:35 AM God Squad: Passover, Easter both celebrate hope, rebirth Passover and Good Friday fall on the same day this year (April 3), and Easter
God Squad 3/21/15 God Squad: Vegetables or meat? Who's to judge? My recent column on vegetarianism touched a nerve in many readers. My vegetarian readers of
God Squad 3/14/15 Friendships can aid in fight against terrorism When I was young, I remember saying prayers after Mass each Sunday for the "conversion
God Squad 3/7/15 God Squad: Eating meat is permitted, but is it virtuous? I think it's time to encourage Christians and Jews to be vegetarians. The Fifth Commandment
God Squad 2/28/15 God Squad: God's love is a gift, not a reward I'm 67 and I haven't been able to pray for months. I do believe in
God Squad 2/21/15 God Squad: Bending the rules is not the same as breaking them I understand why Orthodox Jews in Westhampton Beach have fought for an eruv for years.
God Squad 2/14/15 God Squad: Being God for a day would be a lesson in love Just as you did in a recent column, I've wondered, as a pediatric surgeon, why
God Squad 2/6/15 God Squad: With commandments, it's quality, not quantity Why are there different "versions" of the Ten Commandments? Is there an "authentic" version? --
God Squad 1/31/15 God Squad: Religious symbols are tools, not jewelry Today, at the doctor's office, the woman checking me in was wearing two rosaries with
God Squad 1/24/15 God Squad: Evil comes from us, not God God, we're told, is a loving God. He's not at fault for wars. Wars are