Rabbi Marc Gellman

God Squad

Rabbi Marc Gellman writes about religion for Newsday.

God Squad 11/5/15 God Squad: Heaven offers us hope beyond death QUESTION: My son passed away the end of 2013, five days after his 27th birthday.
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God Squad 10/9/15 God Squad: While our paths may differ, they all lead to God QUESTION: My Presbyterian wife and I (a Unitarian Universalist Christian) have long held the metaphorical
God Squad 10/2/15 God Squad: Interfaith dialogue begins with friendship QUESTION: Watching much of the around-the-clock coverage of Pope Francis' visit to the United States,
God Squad 9/26/15 God Squad: Zac's note from God QUESTION: Quite some time ago, you answered a question from a grandpa. I kept it
God Squad 9/19/15 God Squad: How a simple phrase can reveal God's plan I want to tell you the best Jewish story I have ever heard. I heard
God Squad 9/5/15 God Squad: Goodness has nothing to do with circumstance QUESTION: I've never been able to reconcile a fair, just and loving God with eternal