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'Gasland' filmmaker cuffed, ejected from House meeting

Good thing this isn't Venezuela, or Syria. If we were there, someone viewed as hostile to the official mission might be arrested simply for filming a public committee proceeding.

Oh, wait. Here's a report from Politico:

Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Josh Fox was arrested Wednesday morning after attempting to film a House Science Committee hearing on hydraulic fracturing.

Fox was led out in handcuffs by the Capitol police shortly after 10 a.m., before the hearing could be gaveled into order. The "Gasland" director was attempting to film the hearing looking into EPA's investigation of potential water contamination from natural gas drilling in Pavillion, Wyo.

Subcommittee chairman Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.) noted that the hearing is being webcast and that anyone filming the hearing would need the appropriate press credentials.

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