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Terrell Thomas reaches new heights (about 12k feet) in his workouts

The detail from the mask to the chest

(Credit: AP)

Darth Vader? No, it’s just Terrell Thomas.

Although it’s easy to see where the two can be confused, especially on Wednesdays when the Giants cornerback strolls into the locker room wearing a space-age looking triangular mask over his nose and mouth and breathing audibly, just like the Star Wars villain.

What Thomas is actually doing is trying to make his workouts more efficient and wearing...

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No surgery needed for JPP, who says he will 'never shut it down'

Jason Pierre-Paul rushes during a game against the

(Credit: Getty)

Jason Pierre-Paul said he will not “shut it down” this season because of the injured right shoulder that has kept him out of the last two games, but that may just be semantics because the defensive end seems unlikely to play again this season. A second-opinion on the injury showed no need for surgery, only rest, and with just three games remaining there may not be time for him to heal enough to...

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For 3rd year in a row, Brandon Jacobs' season ends at a career crossroads

Brandon Jacobs rushes the ball during a game

(Credit: Mike Stobe)

Brandon Jacobs had surgery on his left knee yesterday, as doctors performed a cartilage graft to repair osteoarthritis in the joint. I’m not sure exactly what that entails, but it doesn’t sound like something that 31-year-old running backs bounce back from. It doesn’t seem that Jacobs has made any definite decisions about his future, but his NFL career has most likely come to an end.


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Justin Tuck warns Seahawks can embarrass teams 'and laugh about it'

The Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman celebrates after the

(Credit: AP)

The Giants’ first game as a non-playoff team this season comes against a brash squad from Seattle that is poised to clinch the top seed in the NFC. That could lead to a lopsided score if the Giants aren’t careful.

“The last thing you want to be is embarrassed and this is a team that, if you’re not ready to play, they will embarrass you and laugh about it,” Justin Tuck said on Wednesday, the...

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Andre Brown wants a chance to see what he and David Wilson can do together

Andre Brown runs through a hole in the

(Credit: AP)

The Giants began the season believing that they had a dynamic one-two running back punch in Andre Brown and David Wilson. There was even a time in training camp in which the two were listed as co-starters and talk that they might be able to become an NFL rarity: two 1,000-yard rushers from the same backfield. But the season never materialized that way and, as it turned out, neither of them was ever...

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Giants make a habit of winning Super Bowls and missing playoffs two straight years

Osi Umenyiora, left, and Devin Thomas of the

(Credit: Getty Images)

We made a big deal last year when the Giants came off a Super Bowl victory and failed to make the playoffs the following season. That happens quite often. It was the 14th time in 47 Super Bowls. Not exactly a rarity.

But how often does a team win a Super Bowl and miss the playoffs the next two seasons as the Giant shave now accomplished?

This is only the seventh time that’s happened...

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Coughlin distances himself from Super Bowl countdown

Tom Coughlin looks on before the start of

(Credit: Getty)

Tom Coughlin had never really embraced the idea of the Super Bowl countdown calendar in the Giants’ locker room, shrugging it off at the start of training camp when general manager Jerry Reese decided to install it as a reminder of urgency.

So now that it’s about as useful as a sundial at night, Tom Coughlin’s attitude towards the daily reminder of days remaining until Super Bowl XLVIII –...

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Will Beatty changed technique to live up to contract, now trying to change back

Giants tackle Will Beatty drinks water during team

(Credit: James Escher)

Some players can’t handle the pressure of playing in a contract year, knowing that they are performing for more than a lifetime’s worth of money. For Will Beatty, this season has been just the opposite. The left tackle said he has struggled in 2013 because he is trying to live up to the contract that he signed with the Giants this past offseason.

“I know I came into this year trying to do...

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JPP doesn't want to look 'stupid' going on IR if Giants make playoffs

Jason Pierre-Paul looks on during the second half

(Credit: AP)

As long as there is hope for the Giants to make the playoffs, there will be hope that Jason Pierre-Paul returns to the field.

“If I can finish the season, I will,” the defensive end said of playing through the shoulder injury that sidelined him last Sunday. “I will continue to rehab because you never know what might happen. We win out, there’s a possibility we can get in. Who knows? If I shut...

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David Diehl remembers meeting his new QB at 2004 draft

Eli Manning, a quarterback from Mississippi, holds a

(Credit: AP)

David Diehl is the only current Giants player who was a member of the team for the 2004 draft when the franchise-altering trade for Eli Manning was made. In fact, Diehl had an up-close view of the action.

“I was at the draft that day, working the draft and doing stuff for ESPN,” he recalled today as most of the locker room conversation revolved around the trade due to this week’s game against...

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