My friend Michael ...

My first memory of Michael was when he rode by on his bicycle, going to a fire call, and asked if I wanted to be friends. Of course, I said yes! Who could resist that smile of his! I had just moved into the neighborhood and he was my first new friend.

I enjoyed talking to him and we had a lot in common including, wonderful families. Michael and I were very close friends, he ended up being my first boyfriend and I proudly boast that he kissed me on the cheek! Michael was also a prankster and enjoyed terrorizing me while I babysat next door to where he lived.

I feel Michael’s presence daily and tell his family that he is probably tired of hearing from me. I feel honored and blessed to have known such an amazing person. I miss him more with each passing day. What I would give to hear him honk his horn and listen to him tell me all about his day. When Michael smiled at you he made you feel special.

I am very close with his family and will never forget! Michael has left his fingerprint on my heart ... which I reserve for only the most special people in my life. He sends me pennies daily and signs when I need to feel that he is still there helping me. I miss you Michael and promise to share a banana-berry split smoothie with you when we meet again. Please continue to watch over your family. You are doing a wonderful job! I love you!

Alison Brotschol, Franklin Square


Picturing him at the beach

I still picture Michael sitting in the lifeguard chair holding our 6-month-old son telling him all about the ocean, being a lifeguard and surfing and then helping our then 5-year-old how to surf. He was the most upbeat, thoughtful, gentle and kind person. We all miss him.

Colleen McMahon Benisvy, Long Beach

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