A file photo of a home in foreclosure.

A file photo of a home in foreclosure. Credit: AP

One out of every 10 mortgage borrowers on Long Island was at least 90 days late on payments in January, a new report said.

Data from CoreLogic, which tracks existing mortgages, show the 10.2 percent delinquency rate was up 3.3 percent from the rate in January 2010.

But only 5.8 percent of mortgages were in the court foreclosure process, the report said. That represents a 42 percent increase from the 4.0 rate in January 2010.

Both rates have been trending up since the subprime loan market collapsed in fall 2007 and Wall Street collapsed a year later, leading to high unemployment.

Long Island’s rates aren’t as bad as foreclosure centers like Las Vegas, but they are higher than the national and New York state averages. Economists said the real estate picture here won’t improve until hiring dramatically outpaces the loss of jobs.

The 90-day delinquency rate was 7.7 percent for the state and 7.9 percent for the nation, the January report said. The foreclosure activity rate was 4.2 percent for the state and 3.7 percent for the nation, according to CoreLogic.

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