Comtech EF Data Corp.'s advanced satellite link system

Comtech EF Data Corp.'s advanced satellite link system Credit: Comtech EF Data Corp.

Melville-based Comtech Telecommunications Corp. says it has sold a $2.8 million satellite communications system to an Asian country for use as a national emergency notification system.

Comtech did not say which Asian country bought the system.

“In the unfortunate case of a serious disaster or event, the Asian country will utilize the instant connectivity of the Comtech EF Data Vipersat-powered network for the transmission of data, voice and video between hubs, remotes, flyaways and mobile communications vehicles,” Comtech said in a Tuesday news release.

The sale was made by Comtech’s Tempe, Arizona-based subsidiary, Comtech EF Data Corp. It includes satellite earth station equipment such as modems, transceivers and converters.

The IP-based modems are Comtech’s CDM-570L-IP, CDD-564L and CDD-562L.

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