Charles Ross & Son Co.'s shipment, in January, of its...

Charles Ross & Son Co.'s shipment, in January, of its 87th 515-cubic-foot ribbon blender. Credit: Handout

Charles Ross & Son, a Hauppauge maker of blending and mixing machines, has a new line of equipment, the company said Monday.

Ross's technical director, Ken Langhorn, said in a news release that the new products include a ribbon-paddle blender and a "planetary dual disperser, both rated for vacuum operation, equipped with a jacketed vessel for heating / cooling, capable of variable speed and automated discharge." The company also has a new tumble blender available for mixing trials.

Ross builds a large range of sizes for use in workplaces from bakeries to large-scale industry, from a half-cubic-foot to 515 cubic foot capacity.

Charles Ross & Son has testing, sales and fabrication offices in Deer Park and Hauppauge; in Savannah, Ga., and Port St. Lucie, Fla.; and in Wuxi, and Qidong City, in China; and in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

The new machines are available for testing and demonstrations at the company's Ross Test & Development Center, in Hauppauge, where it houses 30 types of "mixing, blending and dispersion equipment of various sizes including High Shear Mixers, Ultra-High Shear Mixers, Powder Injection Systems, Multi-Shaft Mixers, Double Planetary Mixers, Planetary Dispersers, Vertical Blenders and a Three Roll Mill," the company said.

The Hauppauge testing center aims "to help customers identify the best possible equipment for their particular application, generate data for scale-up or solve a mixing problem.

Photo:  Charles Ross & Son Co.'s  shipment, in January, of its 87th 515 cubic foot ribbon blender.

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