Marie Arturi, center, founder and CEO of Buncee, is surrounded...

Marie Arturi, center, founder and CEO of Buncee, is surrounded by her Buncee team during a pep meeting on Oct. 24, 2013. Credit: Randee Daddona

Long Island's 14 hottest startup companies include everything from drug research firms working on potential treatments for breast cancer to makers of eco-friendly concrete, according to a report released Tuesday.

The companies were selected as part of a new report commissioned by Accelerate Long Island, a group that promotes high-tech company growth on the Island.

With six of the top 14 in the biotech industry, "we really have an opportunity . . . to become a notable biotech region," said John Kominicki, author of the report and former publisher of Long Island Business News. "I think the companies on the list are reflective of what's to come."

The list was compiled from interview responses from about two dozen Island economic leaders connected to the innovation economy, Kominicki said, including venture capitalists and technology organization leaders.

The startups' product offerings, funding levels and company leadership were three major factors taken into consideration, he said.

"The companies individually and as a whole provide people with a better understanding of all the ingredients it takes to create and run a successful startup company," Accelerate executive director Mark Lesko said.

Kominicki led a panel discussion on the new report's findings last night at LaunchPad Huntington following a presentation of the report.

The hottest startups:

ASOthera Pharmaceuticals, a Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory-based drug developer working on a series of molecular treatments to control and reverse rare genetic conditions.

Buncee, a Calverton-based software company that allows users to mix multiple types of digital content to create multimedia presentations.

Certerra, based at Cold Spring Harbor Lab, uses proprietary screening technology to partner with drug companies to help track neurological reactions to drug treatments in the brains of lab mice.

Coferon, a Stony Brook-based drug developer working on orally administered molecular treatments that can later self-assemble into more powerful therapeutics inside targeted cells.

CooCoo, a Huntington-based software company used by transit authorities and commuters for mobile ticketing and scheduling.

DepYmed, a Cold Spring Harbor Lab-based drugmaker partnering with doctors at North Shore-LIJ Health System to launch a clinical trial for breast cancer.

eGifter, a Huntington-based software company specializing in online gift exchanges in an online social platform for both businesses and consumers.

Mirimus, based at Cold Spring Harbor Lab, genetically engineers mice for lab and preclinical studies of diseases.

Nomorobo, a Port Jefferson-based, cloud-based software company that hangs up on unwanted robo telemarketer calls.

Sweigh, a LaunchPad Huntington-based app developer using social media to allow users to collect near-real-time opinion polling data.

Sulfcrete, based in Melville, makes environmentally friendly concrete made from recycled sulfur from gas and oil refineries.

ThermoLift, a Stony Brook-based company that is developing a heat pump and air conditioner meant to replace current cooling, heating and hot water systems with one device.

Traverse Biosciences, a Stony Brook-based drug research and commercialization company working on a once-daily prescription medication capable of controlling canine periodontal disease.

Work Market, a Huntington-based software maker that helps companies find and manage freelancers, contractors and consultants.

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