Dan Abrams is changing the name of his vineyard to Ev&Em,...

Dan Abrams is changing the name of his vineyard to Ev&Em, after his two children, Everett and Emilia. Credit: Ev&Em

TV newsman Dan Abrams is officially changing the name of his recently purchased Laurel Lake Vineyards to Ev&Em, after his two children.

Abrams, the chief legal correspondent for ABC News, earlier this year announced his purchase of the Laurel vineyard and winery from a group of Chilean investors. His plan is to make the 40-acre vineyard and winery a luxury brand reflective of the area.

But the new name is family-centric. It's derived from the names of his two children, Everett, 8, and Emilia, who was born Feb. 18, said Abrams, whose father is noted constitutional lawyer Floyd Abrams.

His plan is to make the winery a long-term family business, one that keeps his children front and center.

"I have long dreamed of having a Long Island vineyard that could showcase the best of this region and become a long-term family business," he said in an email. "By calling it Ev&Em I hope that maybe when my kids are grown they'll be a little more incentivized to take care of, and pride in, the wines that bear their names."

The winery and tasting room have remained open through the transition. Abrams said his plan is to have the rebranding complete, and a grand reopening by late summer or early fall. He expects to have a couple of new wines at that time under the new Ev&Em label, but said a newer selection of best wines will come out next year and beyond.

As reported last month, Abrams plan is to transform the 40-acre vineyard and winery into a "luxury winery and lifestyle brand" on the order of "Napa meets the Hamptons." Abrams, who lives on Peconic Bay, wants to make the winery hospitable to both locals and seasonal guests.

Juan Sepulveda, a longtime wine maker formerly associated with Laurel Lake, said last month he was asked to stay on to work with Abrams to "take it to the next level. I’m very happy Dan is coming here with great ideas," he said then. A purchase price for the property and winemaking facilities wasn't disclosed.

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