Roar Beverages, a Huntington-based sports drink company, has launched the...

Roar Beverages, a Huntington-based sports drink company, has launched the new product line in partnership with Marvel comics. Credit: Roar Beverages

Roar Beverages, a Huntington-based maker of coconut water-infused sports drinks, has launched a line of kids’ drinks in partnership with comic book publisher Marvel.

Roar Kids are low-calorie, water-based beverages that contain 20 calories per 12-ounce bottle. They feature Marvel characters on each of the three flavors: Spider-Man (fruit punch), Captain America (grape) and Iron Man (apple).

“The signing of a licensing agreement with Marvel was the catalyst for the creation of Roar Kids. We weren’t even thinking about entering that space,” Roar CEO Roly Nesi said Wednesday.

The new drinks, which retail for $1.49, will be sold at locations across Long Island including Best Market, IGA and King Kullen stores, as well as at other retailers in New York, New Jersey, Texas and Florida. Roar also sells Roar Lite, a 60-calorie drink approved by the USDA to be sold in schools.

Roar Kids is aimed at kids ages 3 to 11, Nesi said. “We want to interact with young customers so they can grow and evolve with our brand, and what better way to grab their attention right now than with Spider-Man?”

Nesi said Roar’s revenue for 2016 was $3.5 million and he projects it will near $10 million for 2017.

Under the Marvel deal, Roar will pay Marvel an undisclosed percentage of Roar Kids sales. The contract runs through 2018.

Marvel characters are “role models who represent what it means to be your best,” Marvel licensing Senior Vice President Paul Gitter said in a statement. Celebrating these super heroes “as part of the Roar Kids collection . . . is a natural extension.”

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