Spy Coast Bee Farm

Spy Coast Bee Farm Credit: Spy Coast Bee Farm

Many of Long Island’s beekeepers are in it for the relaxation – but some, like the Spy Coast beeman (aka Wayne Vitale) of Setauket, have turned the hobby into a business. 

And Vitale’s Spy Coast Bee Farm is now gearing up for its spring-season production. 

The farm is taking orders of this spring's bees, honey and other products for delivery in July. 

His jars of organic Queenline Setauket Gold honey sell for $7 for a half-pound and $12 a pound. Pollen is $4 for 1.5 oz., and $8 for $3.5 oz. 

He also sells beeswax candles, "nucs" (nucleus beehives, with a queen), bees, hives, queens. 

Sideline businesses include wedding favors, bee farm tours and pollination. 

For more information contact the farm by email, on its website or by phone at (516) 680-3020.

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