Rauly Berrios and Sergio Maldonado cut their wedding cake at...

Rauly Berrios and Sergio Maldonado cut their wedding cake at the Garden City Hotel. (October 2011) Credit: Joe Laronga

Whether you want a country affair or a big city soiree, mobile apps can help when planning your wedding. There are apps to inspire dress ideas, manage all of your planning checklists and create digital photo albums for posterity. Here are five.

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner
(iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, free)

The Knot is the go-to website for brides-to-be. Now, you can get the ultimate free wedding-planning experience on your iDevice. The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner app allows you to start planning a wedding as soon as he gets down on one knee. The comprehensive wedding checklist will keep even the meanest "bridezilla" organized. This free app is filled with planning resources like a budget tool, wedding dress galleries, registry inspiration and much, much more.

myPANTONE Wedding & Events
(iPad, $4.99; Android, $7.99)

Are you more obsessed with the dress and color scheme than anything else in the wedding? The myPANTONE Wedding & Events app is the smartest way to plan your color scheme with its wedding day styleboards. With thousands of inspirational photos to pull from, you can create boards featuring different wedding styles and then email your friends and family to help you narrow down the type of wedding you want to have. This app is perfect for wedding planners helping clients who have no idea what they want for their big day. Own an Android? Try the $7.99 myPANTONE app.

Appy Couple
(iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, free)

The free Appy Couple app is the perfect way to coordinate a wedding from the palm of your hand. The best part: Your guests can download the app to get all the pertinent details as well. It's like having an interactive invitation for guests via your mobile device. It's so much better than just creating a wedding website. Appy Couple is also an easy way for guests to share day-of photos with the happy couple and other guests.

Wedding Party
(iPhone, iPod Touch, free)

The free Wedding Party app lets you create a digital wedding photo album with the help of your guests. Everyone downloads the app and then uploads their pictures to your wedding's timeline so that all guests (as well as the bride and groom) can see what's happening at any given time around the ceremony and reception. It's so easy to use that you may be tempted to can the expensive photographer.

Vera Wang on Weddings
(iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, free)

As soon as he slipped the ring on your finger, you immediately had visions of lace and pearls swirling in your head. Look no further than the Vera Wang on Weddings app to find just the right wedding dress style for you. Even if you can't afford an original Vera Wang confection, her app is a great place to start in order to figure out just what type of dress you want on your big day.

Reports from Appolicious.com and Tribune Media Services were used in the foregoing compilation.

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