Facebook The world's largest social network has a great app...


The world's largest social network has a great app packed to the brim with most of the website's features - status updates, events, photos, videos, and even Facebook Chat.

iPhone App Review: Facebook

Price: FREE

Producer: Facebook, Inc.

The Lowdown: Facebook is the world's largest social network and the app brings the mobile experience to iPhone quite simply. With access to most of the website's features, the app has come a long way since its early days. While still lacking a full experience, the iPhone version of Facebook is way ahead of other versions available for competitors.

Pros: Facebook for iPhone features a ton of customizable items that separate it from the rest of the pack -- a psuedo-home screen for the app that allows friends and pages to be added and shifted around as the user pleases, easily clickable icons for checking photos, events, and statuses, and the ability to finally play a video that was recorded on the Facebook website.

Even Facebook Chat got thrown in here! The address book between iOS and the app can integrate, bringing phone numbers, pictures, and e-mail address from Facebook, The app feels like an extension to the iOS when opened, making navigation around the large social network easy and less time consuming.

Cons: A year ago, the cons would have been endless, however, times have changed and the app has grown in major leaps and bounds. Still missing in the app is the ability to directly upload a video. While it's not a major design flaw, especially since YouTube is widely considered a much better alternative, it's a feature that many users would at least like to have.

Linking contacts with the Address Book and Facebook can be tricky, especially with iOS lacking the integration that Android has with linking profiles together. A gutsy user should be able to work around those problems, but the common user might find their Address Book filled with duplicates. 

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