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Home Theater Credit: Newsday / John Mutrux

Several Hollywood studios are in talks with cable and satellite TV companies to make movies still available in movie theaters, available at home on demand, the news service Reuters is reporting.

Under the deal, customers would pay up to $50 to watch a movie 30 days after its release date, while movies 60 days after its release date would cost $24.99. Negiotiations are still on going, so these numbers could change drastically.

Sources told Reuters that at least one studio is considering a trial run of the new concept as early as this fall.

"One or two studios this fall will take a film and make it a premium home event a few weeks after its release," a source to Reuters.

Bob Iger, Walt Disney Company Chief Executive is one of the studios involved in the talks.

"We're going to become aggressive in experimenting with new windows, including that one," Iger told Reuters. "It's too soon to make specific comments or predictions about that, but I think it presents an interesting opportunity."

Universal, Warner, Sony, and Fox movie studios are said to also be involved with this new experiment.

It seems like the Hollywood studios are trying to cash in on the growing popularity of video-on-demand. 

But if they go through with this, the joke might be on them. This new movie distribution model will bust open the doors for pirates trying to get their hands on high defintion versions of new releases.

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Read the full Reuters story here.

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