The Glassdoor app offers jobseekers salary data and other information about companies...

The Glassdoor app offers jobseekers salary data and other information about companies they are interested in. Credit: Glassdoor

Looking for a job on Long Island or in New York City? Or anywhere else in the country? It’s a good time for jobseekers — unemployment rates nationally and in the metropolitan area are near decade-long lows. These apps can do more than help you find a job. They can give you the skills and data you need to negotiate the best deal.

Glassdoor Job Search

(iOS, Android; free)

Glassdoor can help you find available jobs, but it does something better than other job-search apps. In addition to giving you a generic salary estimate of the position you are interested in, it has inside information about what each company actually pays its employees. Glassdoor also offers a range of helpful job-related stories, such as how to age-proof your resume and places with the most affordable cost of living. Spoiler alert: It’s not Long Island.

LinkedIn Job Search

(iOS, Android; free)

An offshoot of the popular professional business social network, the app leverages the power of your LinkedIn profile and its web of connections to help you find career opportunities. Even if you don’t find what you want on your first search, LinkedIn remembers what you’re interested in and will send you emails of recommended jobs as they turn up.

Indeed Job Search

(iOS, Android; free)

Indeed has become a job-search heavyweight because of the number of job-seekers it attracts (250 million worldwide) and the number of jobs in its database (more than 16 million). Unlike LinkedIn and Glassdoor, which specialize in professional-level jobs, Indeed has millions of listings for part-time and freelance jobs as well as a good selection of full-time jobs and internships.

ZipRecruiter Job Search

(iOS, Android; free)

Tired of searching through the various job boards? ZipRecruiter aggregates information from hundreds of job sites and crunches the results to your specifications. If a job you might want on Long Island or New York City pops up, you will receive a notification. After you upload your resume you can activate the app’s “1-Tap Apply” function.

Score bored

The Super Bowl not only lacked for action, it lacked for interactions on social media. Nielsen says the top Super Bowl-related “social minute” on Twitter happened when the Maroon 5 halftime show performance ended. Next two top Twitter interactions were when the game ended and when the Patriots scored the game’s only touchdown. The Patriots beat the Rams 13-3 in the lowest scoring Super Bowl ever.


Scoot over

Those standing electric scooters that have become ubiquitous in many cities are sending people to the hospital. A study in the medical journal JAMA Network Open found over a one-year period in Los Angeles, more people were injured riding scooters than by riding bicycles. Scooter companies Bird and Lime have been putting tens of thousands of rentable e-scooters in dozens of cities around the country.   


Uber, Lyft hike prices in NYC

Uber and Lyft will raise prices in New York City after a new minimum-wage rule for drivers went into effect. Both ride-hailing companies, citing the new rule for their decisions, didn’t say how much more expensive rides would become. The wage rule guarantees drivers minimum gross pay of $27.86 an hour, so that their pay after expenses will be at least $17.22 an hour. 


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