, a plumbing supply company based in Melville, has a pet-friendly policy for employees, who usually bring their dogs to work. On Feb. 5, workers greeted Truffles the Pig as she visited their offices for the first time. Credit:

Some little piggies go to market. Truffles the Pig went to work. Earlier this month, she trotted into, a Melville-based online plumbing supply company, as a test case of its 3-year-old pet-friendly policy.

 Among the company's four-legged visitors to its office, dogs are the norm. But employee Steve Erickson was eager to bring his 24-pound potbellied pig to work. 

"I really enjoyed seeing everyone bring their dogs in the office," he said. "Once I got Truffles, I thought it would be so much fun to introduce my new pet to my co-workers."

But first he had to get clearance from human resources.

"I was a little nervous because dogs have been the only four-legged friends to join us up until now," said Julie Collins, a human-resource associate. "But they bring so much joy, and I knew a pig would do the same."

Meanwhile, anticipation was building in the office. 

"Employees were thrilled to hear that a pig was going to be visiting," said Raquel Sosnovich, the company's social media strategist.

Truffles the Pig visits in Melville.

Truffles the Pig visits in Melville. Credit: Rattelle

So on Feb. 5, Truffles the Pig made her debut at Turns out, the timing was perfect.

"It was right around the same time as Chinese New Year, and it just so happens to be the year of the pig," Erickson said.  

So how did Truffles behave? Well, she won't have to wait until pigs fly before she's welcomed back. 

"She was very friendly," Sosnovich said. "She was wandering around the office with her tail wagging."

Truffles was happy because the company's owners distributed Cheerios to workers to feed their guest, Sosnovich said.

Truffles was such a hit that there are plans to add her picture to the company's  "Meet the Team"  page, which features workers and some of their pets. 

"If the pig wants to come back," Sosnovich said, "she's definitely welcome." 

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