Lisa Hartman, editor and publisher of Hamptons Dog magazine, shows...

Lisa Hartman, editor and publisher of Hamptons Dog magazine, shows copies of her magazine on July 13, 2015, at the beach in Clam Island County Park in Sag Harbor. Credit: Gordon M. Grant

You've got to be a top dog to make it in the tony Hamptons.

So it's no wonder dogs and other pets whose "parents" live in some of the East End's most lavish homes or summer in the Hamptons now have sleek, glossy magazines that are all about them: Hamptons Dog and Hamptons Pet.

Both publications are available online and at select local locations, including supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, and pet and clothing stores.

Lisa Hartman, publisher and editor-in-chief of Hamptons Dog, which had its inaugural issue last July and has two editions each summer, said the free magazines make sense, particularly for dogs about town.

"The Hamptons is magazine city, and there's an abundant, gigantic group of dog lovers here," said Hartman, who has homes in Sag Harbor and Fort Lauderdale. "The other magazines are fashion and celebrity driven. When you pick up my magazine, you know exactly what you're going to get -- it's going to be about dogs. Dogs are my models."

People in the Hamptons are also passionate about animal rescue, and their dogs travel everywhere with them, added Hartman, who is a dog trainer.

"Dogs have a great life here [in the Hamptons]," she said. "Dogs have nature trails and they can run free most of the year on the beach. . . . Construction workers, fishermen and clammers have their dogs riding shotgun all day long."

Gregg Oehler, publisher and editorial director of the quarterly Hamptons Pet, said it is distributed internationally because people from everywhere descend on the Hamptons with their pampered pets in tow. Every pet in the Hamptons can have its day in the magazine, said Oehler, who lives in Stamford, Connecticut, and has vacationed on the East End.

In Hamptons Dog, articles can be found on boating safety for canines, learning Frisbee, summer skin and fur care, and stand-up paddleboarding with your dog.

And there is an invitation to the annual Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue benefit at the Southampton home of newsman Chuck Scarborough and his wife, Ellen.

The pages of Hamptons Pet include tips on pet-friendly resorts and creating a holiday party treat tray. Readers will also find stories on horse rescue farms that house former stars of the racetrack as well as the "Celebrity Bark" feature, in which notables such as Bravo host and regular Hamptons visitor Andy Cohen pose with their dogs.

"For a pet, the Hamptons are a special place to live," Oehler said. "Dogs get fed the best foods, they wear the best collars and you can come home to a pool. I've seen dogs get driven in limousines down to the beach. Horses live in some of the most beautiful stables in the country. The owners of Hamptons pets are looking for the best products for their pets."PET PROUD

A Hamptons Pet reader survey last July revealed the habits of 500 pet owners who live in or visit the Hamptons:

99 percent own at least 1 dog

72 percent own 2 or more dogs

38 percent own 3 or more dogs

62 percent have at least 1 cat

46 percent have 2 or more cats

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