This 1963 GMC Suburban Carryall owned by Bob Nowakowski has...

This 1963 GMC Suburban Carryall owned by Bob Nowakowski has a bunch of new modifications, including a 350-cubic-inch engine and automatic transmission. Credit: David Fluhrer

THE CAR AND ITS OWNER: 1963 GMC Suburban Carryall panel truck owned by Bob Nowakowski

WHAT MAKES IT INTERESTING: Long before trucks were loaded with interiors and amenities befitting luxury cars, this Carryall would get your cargo from Point A to Point B with simplicity, confidence and style.  And it's a vehicle steeped in the history of General Motors' truck division.  The GMC brand dates back to 1912 and the first Suburban, considered by many the granddaddy of today's SUVs, debuted in 1935.  Today, vintage GMC trucks and their sister models from Chevrolet often find their way into the garages of customizers for special paint treatments and mechanical upgrades.  "This GMC panel is one of the very few that you will find around," says Nowakowski. 


WHERE HE FOUND IT: He bought it from a New Jersey owner. 

CONDITION: The Carryall sports a bunch of newer modifications, including a Chevrolet grille, 350-cubic-inch engine and automatic transmission, power disc brakes and steering, a digital dash and Chevrolet Tahoe leather seats.  "When it was cleaned up, it really showed well," says Nowakowski.  "It is striped in and out, the interior is detailed with red carpet on the floor, walls and ceiling, and there are big musical notes on the rear interior walls.  I did not do any of the work myself.  I just put in a new battery, alternator and brake job when I got it."

TIPS FOR OWNERS: "Buy something done (restored), that is comfortable and runs well, and drive the heck out of it," he advises.  "They look pretty in the garage, but great on the road."

VALUE: Nowakowski has insured the GMC for $27,000.

THE BOTTOM LINE: "I think this truck is special because it has a combo of GMC and Chevrolet parts," he says.  "I have had a lot of 'head- turner' cars and trucks. I didn't think this would be one as I bought it mostly for the comfort, but I was wrong.  It draws a lot of attention and I have had many offers for it in the short time I have owned it."

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