Look beyond the actors or you might miss some fabulous...

Look beyond the actors or you might miss some fabulous furniture and decor finds used for "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel." Credit: Amazon Studios/Dispatch

Besides the stunning fashion in the hit comedy TV show "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," the program features equally squeal- and steal-worthy decorating ideas you'll want to try in your home. It's the mid-century Manhattan apartments of Midge and her parents that vie for your attention with the Emmy-nominated actors who play out their scenes in the fabulous rooms. Here are 10 takeaways from this fun and eye-popping show.

1. Add a desk in the foyer. Midge's blush and floral-patterned foyer has a desk, chair and tall lamp just inside the front door. It's practical and oh so pretty. Besides a spot to hold notepads and pens, the desk makes an easy spot to sit and put on shoes or apply lipstick before she heads out the door.

2. Use a tall screen. Texture and interest help draw your eye in the living room with a tall, gold room screen in a Chinese print. Placed behind a chair and between two windows, the screen grounds the room and your attention.

3. Anchor a window with matching tables. In Midge's dining room, the opening to the living room is through a pair of French doors. On either side is a pair of shell tables with lamps, adding weight to the wall so that the doors don't dominate.

4. Use a sideboard or buffet as a TV stand in the living room. What could make more sense? There's always a need for storage in the living room. A white dresser, sideboard or buffet makes a great TV stand and could double as a bar.

5. Add stylish wall sconces. They're warm, glowing and add a layered lighting effect that is always gorgeous no matter what decade it is.

6. Put wallpaper behind bookshelves. The wallpaper behind the bookshelves in Midge's apartment is a pale blue floral. The powder blue and sweet floral design looks light, airy and softens the lines of the shelves.

7. Add a touch of Chinoiserie. Midge serves dinner in an all-white dining room. Her white sideboard with brass Chinoiserie-styled pulls and fittings is a classic style that's always current.

8. Pick a shapely sofa. From the curved living room sofa to the red tufted back settee in the lounge, these curvy scene-stealers offer an alluring shape with a sumptuous silhouette. Their plain upholstery is perked up by lots of small floral throw pillows.

9. Buy oversized white lamps. These neutral workhorses add light, yet their white color doesn't compete with or take away from the other furnishings or objects in the room. Their distinctive textures and shapes keep them from being bland.

10. Remember that pastels can look grown up. In the kitchen, Midge has an array of pastel serving pieces. The foyer features a beautiful blush, floral wallpaper trimmed in powder blue. Far from feeling more fit for a nursery, there's a grown-up quality and elegance to these pastels.

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