Billy Joel holding daughter Remy, his wife Alexis holding daughter...

Billy Joel holding daughter Remy, his wife Alexis holding daughter Della, with the children's godfather, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, appear in an undated photo. Credit: Myrna Suarez

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, singer/songwriter Billy Joel and his wife, Alexis have sent out a photo and message via the music icon's website and his social media letting fans know they are home and very much in a “New York State of Mind.”

“We are doing well. Thank you for all the well-wishes to our family and our thoughts and prayers are with everyone suffering from this terrible virus,” say the Joels, who live on Centre Island, on his website. “While in quarantine, like most of us, we have been watching the news. We are so proud of Governor Cuomo, he is family to us.”

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is the godfather to both of the Joels’ daughters, Della, 4, and Remy, 2, and is a regular part of their lives. Billy Joel, who also praised Cuomo on social media, included in all posts an image of the governor with the Piano Man's family.

“He was the first person at the hospital when Della was born and has never missed a birthday, Christmas or any special moment,” says the couple. “No matter how busy he is, he’s always there.”

The message praised Cuomo's action and leadership during this difficult time. 

“This is far worse than anyone could’ve imagined, especially in New York State, demonstrating authority and compassion, he is such a dedicated man,” say the Joels. “We are not at all surprised by his leadership during such a chaotic time and we are so proud of him. We’re lucky to call him ‘The Godfather,’ his favorite title, and our friend. Stay safe and healthy! Love, Billy and Alexis.”

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