"The Infographic Guide to the Movies" by Karen Krizanovich.

"The Infographic Guide to the Movies" by Karen Krizanovich. Credit: Handout

Here's a question for all Hitchcock buffs: What actor made the most appearances in the Master of Suspense's films? Dial M for mistake if you guessed James Stewart or Cary Grant. The answer is forgotten actress Clare Greet, who was in seven of Hitch's British films. (Coming in second with six appearances is Leo G. Carroll.)

That's just one of the fun facts learned in Karen Krizanovich's "Infographic Guide to the Movies" (Cassell), a new book that's a must for movie buffs and math geeks. Using Venn diagrams and cleverly illustrated charts and graphs, film journalist-broadcaster Krizanovich covers everything from the top box-office Batmans to the Beatles vs. the Rolling Stones on film. She also finds about 26 degrees of separation between Kevin Bacon and lovable pooch Moose, also known as Eddie on "Frasier" and Bacon's co-star in "My Dog Skip."

Ever wondered how in the name of Rosebud "Citizen Kane" lost the best picture Oscar in 1941? You're not alone. Krizanovich looks at 10 movies, including "Kane," "Jaws" and "Toy Story," with 100 percent ratings on RottenTomatoes.com that lost the award to movies with lower scores. At least this book is a winner.

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