The Woman's Hour" by Elaine Weiss.

The Woman's Hour" by Elaine Weiss. Credit: Viking

THE WOMAN’S HOUR: The Great Fight to Win the Vote, by Elaine Weiss. This lively history opens in July of 1920, as three women race by train toward Nashville, Tennessee, where the ratification of the 19th amendment hangs in the balance. From there, the author charts the final weeks of a decades-long campaign to win suffrage for U.S. women. (Viking, $28)

AUNTIE POLDI AND THE SICILIAN LIONS, by Mario Giordano. To the ranks of amateur sleuths from Miss Marple to Jessica Fletcher, welcome Auntie Poldi — a 60-year-old German widow who has bought a villa on Sicily to drink wine and enjoy the sea view. Then her young handyman, Valentino, is found murdered, and she has a case on her hands. (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $24)

NINE IRISH LIVES: The Thinkers, Fighters and Artists Who Helped Build America, edited by Mark Bailey. This anthology, with contributions by Rosie O’Donnell and Michael Moore among others, offers deeply personal portraits of nine Irish immigrants. “These nine Irish men and women not only became American but also helped make America great,” writes Bailey in his introduction. (Algonquin, $16.95 paper) — TOM BEER

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