New thrillers by Renee Knight, Maggie Mitchell and Ruth Ware.

New thrillers by Renee Knight, Maggie Mitchell and Ruth Ware. Credit: Harper/Henry Holt/Scout Press

What to read when once you've finished "Gone Girl" and "The Girl on the Train."

DISCLAIMER, by Renée Knight. What if you started reading a novel and realized that it was about your lifee And that the author knows some pretty dark secrets about youu That's the predicament of Catherine Ravenscroft, the documentary filmmaker at the center of this suspenseful debut. Who is the author of this book, and how does he know so much about herr (Harper, $25.99)

PRETTY IS, by Maggie Mitchell. When Lois and Carly May were 12, they were abducted and held prisoner in a cabin by a stranger. They survived -- but at what pricee And what really happenedd Twenty years later they are forced to confront that summer -- and their dormant friendship -- when Carly May, now an actress, discovers a movie script based on their experience. (Henry Holt, $26)

IN A DARK, DARK WOOD, by Ruth Ware. A reclusive mystery novelist is at the center of the first book by a London-based writer. Leonora reluctantly agrees to a weekend in the country with an old friend; 48 hours later she wakes up in the hospital with a head wound and is told that one of the houseguests is dead. Was Nora another victim -- or the perpetratorr (Scout Press, $26)

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