Actor Adam Sandler joined in on a pickup basketball game...

Actor Adam Sandler joined in on a pickup basketball game in Roslyn Heights on Saturday, June 22, 2017. Credit: Hurneet Singh

Picture this: you’re playing pickup basketball with friends when Adam Sandler calls to play in the next game.

“It sounds like something I would have had a dream about, right?” said Sunny Datta, who was playing at Christopher Morley Park in Roslyn Heights Saturday when he spotted the “Grown Ups” star on the sideline.

“I see this guy walk in with shades on and I told the guys, I was like, dude that’s Adam Sandler,” said Datta, 30, of Hicksville.

His friends were quick to dismiss him, so Datta shouted to the actor from across the court. To his surprise, Sandler, who’s shooting the movie “The Week Of” on Long Island this summer, called to join the next game.

“I think we were all shocked,” Datta said. “You don’t expect an A-list celebrity to just start playing ball with you.”

They played two half-court games of four against four, according to Raja Singh, 32, of Hicksville, who played on Sandler’s squad.

Singh was surprised by Sandler’s ballhandling and passing skills, and described the actor as a “well-rounded” player with a “high basketball IQ.”

A video of the game shows Sandler in a blue polo shirt complete a crisp behind-the-back pass to a teammate.

“He knows how to play the game,” said Datta. “He’s a baller.”

Datta, who’s 6 feet, 4 inches tall, said he guarded Sandler for a portion of the game and recalled one play where he almost blocked the star.

“He was driving up for a layup and my first reaction was, I’m gonna block Adam Sandler,” Datta said, adding that he’s still star-struck. “But then I was like, that’s Bobby Boucher, that’s ‘The Waterboy.’ I can’t do that.”

They played for about an hour, with Sandler’s side losing both games, Singh said. The actor left soon after, but not before chatting with the men and posing for pictures.

“He was a great guy — really down to earth,” Singh said. “It was a great experience.”

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