Comedian Amy Schumer has posted a phone number to talk...

Comedian Amy Schumer has posted a phone number to talk to victims of sexual abuse. Credit: Getty Images / Steven Ferdman

Comedy star Amy Schumer is giving victims of sexual abuse a sympathetic ear, publicly posting a phone number women can text to arrange times to speak.

"Hey. Crazy time right? Lot goin on," the Rockville Centre-raised comic, 39, posted on Instagram and Twitter on Saturday. Referencing recent allegations made against comedian Chris D'Elia and actor Ansel Elgort, both of whom issued denials, Schumer said, "I just wanted to take a second to say how brave the women coming forward are about the mistreatment they have experienced at the hands of comedians or [men] in any other profession. Especially the ones who weren't of legal age to consent."

Posting the phone number (917) 970-9333 on her Instagram bio, Schumer wrote on her Saturday post, "I'm here to talk if anyone needs any support. Reach out and I'll try to help as best as I can. … In solidarity, Amy."

Schumer in April 2018 revealed that when she lost her virginity years ago, it was through date rape by her then-boyfriend

Saying it had happened "while I was asleep," she recalled of the unnamed boyfriend, "The first thing he said was, 'I thought you knew.' … He was my boyfriend. I loved him. I had to comfort him. I also felt really angry … and it's like a rage that has stayed with me."

This past January, Schumer had posted the same phone number and solicited advice to help with the in vitro fertilization she was undergoing in an effort to become pregnant with her second child. "I'm a week into IVF and feeling really run down and emotional," she wrote on Instagram. "If anyone went through it and if you have any advice or wouldn't mind sharing your experience with me please do." A recording explained, "We are freezing my eggs and figuring out what to do to give Gene a sibling," and asked people to text her.

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