Actress Anna Kendrick and NHL player Anthony Beauvillier appear in a...

Actress Anna Kendrick and NHL player Anthony Beauvillier appear in a composite image. Credit: Composite: Getty Images / Jim Spellman, left; Jim McIsaac

On Christmas Day, Islanders' left wing Anthony Beauvillier posted a puppy-love tweet to actress Anna Kendrick, prompting hyperbolically helpful responses from would-be wingmen.

Then on Friday, the "Pitch Perfect" star tweeted a pitch-perfect response.

"These replies have been my entertainment for the last two days," wrote the actress, whose recent films include "A Simple Favor" (2018) and "Pitch Perfect 3" (2017). "Thank you all for regaling me with the true tales of this man's heroism."

Beauvillier, 22, now in his fourth season with the Isles, on Wednesday evening tweeted the 34-year-old Oscar and Tony Award nominee, "Hi @AnnaKendrick47." Amid the 1,600 retweets and 19,200 likes in less than two days came a chorus of well-wishers who jumped in to help push the two together, extolling the young Canadian's virtues.

"Thanks for performing open heart surgery on me man, I appreciate it," wrote one, while another inquired, "Why doesn't anyone mention the work he does feeding orphan children in 3rd world countries?!?!?! Heart surgery is just a hobby. Helping innocent children is his passion!!!"

"Bro thank you for picking up my sick grandma from the airport and giving her $1 million," wrote one wag. "Didn't he also build an entire school in an underprivileged neighborhood and buy Christmas presents for every veteran who has ever served?” asked another.

Former Islanders defenseman Bruno Gervais got in the game, tweeting, "Remember Beau when you saved me from a burning building, cooked me a 7 course meal and taught me 8 languages, that was a great day."

Beauvillier evidently loans out his vehicles. "Thanks for letting me borrow your Lambo[rghini]. Also always appreciate when you let me use your private jet!" said one commenter. "Thank you for letting me borrow your yacht for a Christmas vacation trip to Aruba!" added another, while a third wrote that Beauvillier "also let me use his private jet when i was stuck out of town for christmas."

Other tweeters assured that many kittens were rescued from natural disasters, that at least one puppy got CPR, and that Beauvillier has donated not one but both of his kidneys.

In a minute-long pregame interview snippet at the Islanders' Twitter account, the issue went unmentioned.

Beauvillier is single and, according to multiple reports, Kendrick is in a long-term relationship with cinematographer Ben Richardson.

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