Armie Hammer's attorney confirmed to Newsday on Monday that the actor...

Armie Hammer's attorney confirmed to Newsday on Monday that the actor is out of a rehab facility but did not provide any other information. Credit: Getty Images / Jon Kopaloff

Actor Armie Hammer has concluded treatment at a rehab facility he checked himself into in late May, following scathing accusations beginning in January about alleged sexual assault and fetishes.

"I can confirm that Mr. Hammer has left the treatment facility and he's doing great," his attorney, Andrew Brettler, said in a statement to Newsday, giving no date for the actor's departure.

Hammer, 35, a scion of the Armand Hammer oil dynasty, has starred in films including "Call Me By Your Name" (2017), "The Lone Ranger" (2013) and "The Social Network" (2010). He appears next year in director-star Kenneth Branagh's "Death on the Nile," shot before the allegations became public.

In January, the Instagram account House of Effie had posted images of alleged Hammer messages dating to 2016 containing highly graphic language of sexual fetishism and cannibalism fantasies. Afterward, multiple women came forward alleging sexual abuse by the actor, and the Los Angeles Police Department on March 18 announced an investigation. The same day, attorney Gloria Allred held a news conference in which a woman identified only as Effie accused Hammer of a four-hour imprisonment and sexual assault in 2017.

The actor's attorney responded at the time with a statement denying the allegations and providing a screenshot of purported sexual messages from the woman to Hammer, saying she had sent "hundreds." Hammer has said any sexual acts outside his marriage were by mutual consent.

In June, Vanity Fair said an eyewitness had written on social media of having seen Hammer and his family at the airport in George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, in the Caribbean, on May 29. "I saw them at the GCM early on Sat morning," read the since-deleted post, using the facility's International Air Transport Association code, according to a reposting in the "Highlights" archive of the Instagram Stories account for @TheZenBlonde. The post said Hammer's estranged wife, Elizabeth Chambers, and their children accompanied him "as far as allowed. A lot of hugs and seemed emotional."

Citing three anonymous sources, Vanity Fair said Hammer had asked Chambers in late May for help and that he was prepared to find treatment for substance abuse and sex issues. According to the magazine, he checked into a facility outside Orlando, Florida, on May 31.

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