Bill Cosby and Evin Cosby attends the launch of the...

Bill Cosby and Evin Cosby attends the launch of the pb&Caviar store on Aug. 7, 2008 in Manhattan. Credit: Getty Images / Bryan Bedder

Evin Cosby, the youngest of Bill Cosby's four daughters, defended her father Tuesday while also removing Facebook posts in which she had addressed women's accusations that he had drugged and raped them in decades past.

"He is the FATHER you thought you knew," Evin Cosby, 38, said in a statement to "Access Hollywood." "The Cosby Show was my today's tv reality show. Thank you. That's all I would like to say :)."

"Access Hollywood," Variety and other outlets also quoted Evin Cosby's Facebook posts, which have since been removed. "Rape is a serious allegation and it is suppose[d] to be taken VERY seriously but so is Falsely accusing someone," said one. "When someone rapes a person they go to prison. THAT should also happen to the person that has wrongfully accused an innocent victim. They are not ONLY destroying innocent people's life they are ALSO making it hard for the MEN and Women to find justice when they have been raped."

Evin Cosby's statement follows a lengthier and more detailed statement Monday from her mother Camille Cosby, who criticized the media, saying, "There appears to be no vetting of my husband's accusers before stories are published or aired."

Meanwhile, Tuesday morning on "Today," co-host Kathie Lee Gifford, who had toured for years with comedian Cosby as his musical opening act, recalled that "towards the very, very end of the last time I saw him, he did try to kiss me. I said, 'No.' I said, 'Bill, we're friends.' He goes, 'OK, good night.' I said, 'Good night.' And I went into my room, he went into his room."

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