Megan Fox joins the "insult Kim Kardashian" party in a new trailer for the upcoming movie "The Dictator." We all know Kim is used to having insults hurled at her, but the latest one is a biggie -- and not just because it'll be appearing on the big screen. In Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie, his character gets intimate with Fox, then compliments her on being "much less hairy" than a Kardashian. Megan's character also appears to be insulted that Sacha's character gave her a ruby, as she asks, "What am I? A Kardashian?"Ashley's

mystery man

Ashley Tisdale doesn't stay on the market for long. After ending a two-year relationship with video directorScott Speer, the "High School Musical" star was already spotted out with a new man! She was seen getting breakfast with the mystery man! Could he be the reason behind the split? Ashley and Scott were together for two years. Now Ashley already seems to be hitting it off with the new love interest.

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