Justin Bieber went under the blade Monday, chopping his hair into a shorter, spikier 'do.

Photos on TMZ.com showed Bieber sitting in a chair while Gary LeVox, lead singer of the country group Rascal Flatts, fools around with what's left of the 16-year-old's once-flowing locks. The actual cutting was done by Bieber's regular stylist, Vanessa.

Bieber's hair had attained its own level of stardom, but the singer decided to shear it while collaborating on a music video (now all but guaranteed to become a viral sensation upon its premiere) with Rascal Flatts. Bieber admitted to some trepidation about the cut, but said he "wanted to change it up" and go for "kind of a mature look," according to TMZ.

"yeah so it's true . . . i got a lil haircut," he later tweeted. "i like it."

Bieber said he plans to donate the fallen strands to a charity auction.

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