Instead of translating to "you're beautiful," the Arabic text means...

Instead of translating to "you're beautiful," the Arabic text means "you're a donkey." Credit: Jenan Moussa

Lindsay Lohan needs to work a bit more on her Arabic skills. She posted a photo to Instagram calling her followers "donkeys."

Lohan shared the Arabic phrase Sunday night on Instagram, which she apparently thought translated to "You're beautiful," but instead meant, "You're a donkey."

Lohan tweeted "Habibi," which is the male word for "dear" or "darling," along with a photo of the Arabic phrase and its (incorrect) English translation.

"Let me check before you post," tweeted Jenan Moussa, a reporter for Arabic Al Aan TV, with a screenshot of Lohan's Instagram post. "[The] Arabic words don't mean "you are beautiful" but "you are a donkey."

Lohan has since deleted the photo from her account.  

Arabic is the official language of 22 countries and is the fifth most widely spoken language in the world, according to the BBC. The word for "beautiful" in Arabic is pronounced "jameel" or "jameela" while the word for 'donkey' is pronounced "hemaar."

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