Singer Madison Beer performs at the BottleRock Napa Valley festival...

Singer Madison Beer performs at the BottleRock Napa Valley festival on Saturday in Napa, Calif. Credit: AP / Invision / Amy Harris

Singer Madison Beer, a Jericho native, is assuring fans that all was well following a disturbance and unfounded rumors of gunfire at her concert Saturday in Napa, California.

"[T]hank you for your concern and supportive messages following such a scary incident at my set yesterday," Beer, 20, tweeted in all-lowercase after an audience video posted online and claiming that "gunshots went off" shows her stopping mid-song during her 5 p.m. set at the BottleRock Napa Valley festival. She walks stage right and calmly asks what appear to be crew members, "What's going on? Yo, yo, yo ... everyone, pay attention. What's going on?"

Turning to the crowd, she says, "Yo, yo, what the [expletive] is going on? Hey, yo, guys, back up. …"

The video then shows people dispersing in an orderly fashion, though some voices sound alarmed. Beer can be heard calming the crowd: "We'll figure it out. … I love you guys. … I'm sorry."

A separate video shows an older, white-haired man at the locale being taken away in handcuffs, accompanied by at least a half-dozen uniformed men.

"[I]'d like to inform everyone that i am in fact fine and no one, including myself, was injured and the man was taken out / no real weapon was found," Beer's tweet continued. She added, "obviously there was a disturbance and watching video of all my fans run away in fear truly breaks my heart. after police confirmed the incident was handled i returned to the stage and we finished the show."

The Napa Police Department tweeted that it "responded to a disturbance @BottleRock @ the Bai Stage at approx. 5:45 pm. We contacted the responsible person. He was removed from the grounds and will not be allowed to return for the remainder of the festival. No weapons were involved. There is no threat to the community."

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