The medical director of the Manhattan ambulatory surgery center where Joan Rivers was treated has stepped down following her death and is no longer doing procedures there.

The physician, Lawrence Cohen, owns 12 percent of the Yorkville Endoscopy practice on the Upper East Side, according to a New York State Health Department document dated July 2013. Cohen, a gastroenterologist, is also listed on Mount Sinai Hospital's website as a clinical professor there and is licensed by the state.

"Dr. Cohen is not currently performing procedures at Yorkville Endoscopy; nor is he currently serving as medical director," a spokeswoman for the Yorkville center said in an email.

Cohen did not immediately return a call to his personal office requesting comment.

Rivers, 81, was undergoing an endoscopy -- a diagnostic procedure where doctors place a scope down the throat -- when she stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest on Aug. 28, according to news reports. She died on Sept. 4.

It's unclear how she died or whether anyone was at fault. "The State Health Department's investigation is ongoing," the agency said in an emailed statement today. It is focusing on whether Yorkville Endoscopy violated any state regulations. The center opened in February 2013. -- Bloomberg News

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