Rihanna had plenty of reasons to celebrate last weekend, but that didn't keep her from tweeting out more sad song lyrics. She was with family at her grandmother's birthday. Throughout the party, she tweeted out pictures with her grandparents where she's laughing and smiling -- but she appears to really be masking some heartache. In the middle of the party, Rihanna wrote, "Dry cry, even tears . . . even my heart cries, but who cares?! Whose fault? No one, but myself!" Moments later, she added, "Wordz can't explain!" These are lyrics from Sizzla's "Just One of Those Days," a song about a couple against whom the odds are stacked. We're thinking that being around her loved ones reminded Rihanna that she can't share the occasion with the man she loves, Chris Brown.

Amaro-Harrell team up

The "X-Factor"'s Melanie Amaro has teamed up with Kuk Harrell in the studio and Kuk, who has worked with Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, compares the young singer to Whitney Houston! In addition to working with Justin on his new album "Believe," Kuk has been recording new songs with Melanie.

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