From left, "St. Vincent" director Theodore Melfi and stars Jaeden...

From left, "St. Vincent" director Theodore Melfi and stars Jaeden Lieberher and Bill Murray at the opening night screening of the movie at the Hamptons International Film Festival in East Hampton on Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014. Credit: Gordon M. Grant

Bill Murray walked the red carpet accompanied by his 11-year-old co-star, Jaeden Lieberher, at a screening of their new film, "St. Vincent," Thursday night at the 22nd Hamptons International Film Festival.

Both actors showed up wearing their trademark outfits: Lieberher in a suit and bow-tie, Murray in a nylon vest and fishing hat. The two took turns speaking to reporters outside Guild Hall in East Hampton, where "St. Vincent" screened as the festival's opening night film.

In the movie, shot partly at Belmont Park in Elmont, Murray stars as a curmudgeonly war veteran who begins baby-sitting a young boy, played by Lieberher. The two actors have now attended so many festivals and premieres that Lieberher said Murray has "kind of" become his real baby-sitter.

"We see each other a lot. He takes me places," Lieberher said. "When we were at the Toronto film festival, all of a sudden he said, 'Do you want some French toast?' So the whole cast went to his friend's house and we had French toast. It was great."

Murray called his young co-star "a great kid" -- unlike other child actors, he said. "They're usually just petulant. It's their parents that are the problem," Murray said. "He's very unusual, he's well-raised. His parents have done a great job with this kid."

"St. Vincent" also stars Melissa McCarthy in a rare dramatic role as Lieberher's mother. "It's a 100% dramatic part, there's not a joke in her material," the film's writer and director, Theodore Melfi, said at the screening. "I just think she's one of the best actors on the planet. There's nothing she can't do."The film opens Friday.

The festival continues Friday with Patricia Clarkson speaking at Sag Harbor's Bay Street Theatre and Richard Gere attending a screening of his new film "Time Out Of Mind" in East Hampton. Others slated to appear with their films Friday include Laura Dern and Bruce Greenwood.

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