Debbie Gibson says of her role in the upcoming "The...

Debbie Gibson says of her role in the upcoming "The Class" movie, "this peace really resonated with me." Credit: Getty Images / Amy Sussman

Long Island Music Hall of Famer Debbie Gibson will star alongside Charlie Gillespie and Anthony Michael Hall in the teen-drama film "The Class."

The Merrick-raised Gibson, 50, will play a high school acting teacher and mentor. Promoted by producers as "inspired by the 1985 classic 'The Breakfast Club,' " the movie is "a true-to-life gritty portrayal of the issues that our young people are facing today," Gibson said in a statement. "Having taught songwriting workshops to help teens express themselves, this piece really resonated with me."

Hall, a star of writer-director John Hughes' "The Breakfast Club," is an executive producer of the film and stars as an antagonistic assistant principal. Gillespie, a star of the Netflix musical series "Julie and the Phantoms," plays a cocky senior who lost his parents at a young age and finds himself and his scene partner pushing each other to their emotional breaking points.

Gibson also will appear in an upcoming imusical episode of the Netflix supernatural drama "Lucifer."

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