With "Iron Man 2" now tearing up the box-office, here are some heavy-metal favorites to keep the fever burning.

'Iron Man: Armor Wars'

The classic Iron Man story, written by David Michelinie and Bob Layton, and illustrated by Mark D. Bright, Barry Windsor-Smith and Layton, has Iron Man tracking down anyone who is using stolen Stark armor technology to create power armors of their own. Elements of this story line were used in "Iron Man 2." ($24.99)

'Iron Man 2' Deluxe Helmet

While this helmet, which features electronic sound effects and a visor that can be opened and closed, was created for youngsters, adults can still jam their noggins into it and re-create the action of the movie. ($34.99)

'Iron Man: Armored Adventures: Complete Season One'

'Iron Man: The Complete Animated Series'

These two DVD sets contain animated "Iron Man" series from now and the mid '90s. "Armored Adventures," which debuted last year, re-imagines the "Iron Man" mythos, turning the man behind the mask into a teenager. The other set is a collection of the animated cartoon that aired from 1994-96 and stuck a lot closer to the character's roots. (Armored, $29.93; Animated, $29.99)

'Iron Man Extremis' Motion Comics

The next evolution of the comic book, Motion Comics takes an existing series - in this case the bestselling story by writer Warren Ellis and illustrator Adi Granov, who drew the picture to the left - and brings it to life with animation and audio dialogue. Available on iTunes. (Six episodes, $1.99 each)

'Iron Man 2' video game

Matt Fraction, who writes "The Invincible Iron Man" comic, penned the script for the video game adaptation of the movie. The game allows you to play as Iron Man and War Machine as you face off against classic villains such as Crimson Dynamo. (Xbox 360 & PS3, $59.95; Wii, $49.95; Nintendo DS & Sony PSP, $29.95)

'Iron Man 2' Super Hero Squad Armor Evolutions

Quite frankly, Iron Man has never looked as adorable as he does in the Super Hero Squad Armor Evolutions set, which features three pint-size figures that are geared for preschoolers but are perfect for your cubicle. This set includes three versions of the Iron Man armor, from the bulky original to the later sleek version. ($9.99)

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