BIG FAN (R) 3 stars

PLOT Writer Robert Siegel ("The Wrestler") has again created a closely observed, downbeat character study, this time with comedian Patton Oswalt starring in a breakout performance as an obsessive New York Giants fan. Thirty-six and still living with his mother in Staten Island, Paul Aufiero (Oswalt) occupies a world defined by the tiny booth where he works as a parking garage attendant, the bed where he makes late-night calls to a New York sports radio station and the Giants Stadium parking lot, where Paul and his best friend, Sal (Kevin Corrigan), faithfully root for their home team.

EXTRAS Deleted scenes, commentary, trivia game



PLOT Kathryn Bigelow's captivating, completely immersive action thriller is set in Iraq in 2004, but it transcends time and place, and in the process attains something universal and enduring. Viewers are plunged into the disorienting world of the soldiers who disarm what Americans have come to know as IEDs, or roadside bombs, neither of which term does full justice to the carnage they inflict.

EXTRAS Behind the scenes, cast and crew interviews

LIST PRICES Blu-ray: $34.99; DVD: $26.99

- The Washington Post

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