CLASH OF THE TITANS (PG-13) 1.5 stars

PLOT In striving for a combination of grit and grandeur, director Louis Leterrier misses a chance to make the kind of camp classic that could have endured for generations. Instead, it's a muddled disappointment. What appeal the movie has comes from its two biggest-name stars. As Zeus, Liam Neeson struts around in a disco-inspired silver outfit that shines so brightly we can barely see his face. As his brother Hades, Ralph Fiennes swoops up from the underworld in his own cloud of dirty smoke, like an infernal Pig Pen.

EXTRAS Additional scenes

LIST PRICES Blu-ray: $35.99; DVD: $28.98

THE UNINVITED (PG-13) 2 stars

PLOT This remake of the Korean "A Tale of Two Sisters" begins with teenage Anna (Emily Browning) in a mental institution. She can't get over dreams of the fire that killed her mother 10 months before, and she's troubled by visions of a creepy red-haired girl. Even so, her kindly shrink says it's time for her to go home. There she finds that her father (David Strathairn), a famous writer, has set up housekeeping with Rachel (Elizabeth Banks), the nurse who had been tending to Mom.

EXTRAS Alternate ending; "Unlock the Uninvited: Unlock the Making-of," deleted scenes


- The Washington Post

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