Tom Cruise runs atop Blackfriars rail station during filming for...

Tom Cruise runs atop Blackfriars rail station during filming for the new "Mission: Impossible" film in London on Jan. 13, 2018. Credit: AP / John Stillwell

Tom Cruise was the toast of London over the weekend as the film star, known for doing his own stunts, was back at it after having broken his right ankle in the city in August.

In numerous photographs by news agencies and ordinary onlookers alike, as well as at least one unofficial video, the 55-year-old actor braves frigid winds as he races across the Blackfriars railway station and bridge over the Thames River toward a helicopter Saturday for the sixth “Mission: Impossible” movie. Other photos show him stepping out from a high window.

At one point, Cruise, who shot several takes of the bridge run, smiled and waved at a gathered crowd that had contributed to bringing central London traffic to a standstill.

The movie, despite a production hiatus after the accident, remains scheduled for its original release date of July 27.

Neither the star nor writer-director Christopher McQuarrie have commented publicly, including on social media, about Cruise’s return.

In August, posted a video of Cruise in a safety harness taking a running leap from a scaffold toward a building rooftop. He is seen falling short, slamming into the building’s side, and then pulling himself onto the rooftop, appearing to be hurt. With the help of two crew members, he swings back over to the scaffold, where he limps off without assistance.

While production was temporarily halted on the Paramount film, McQuarrie told the British movie magazine Empire days after the accident that he was taking the opportunity to begin editing scenes already shot. “You never stop working,” he said, adding, “You simply rearrange the order in which you were going to do certain things on the movie. This in fact gives us an opportunity to go into editorial and look at what we’ve shot and reassess the movie, which is a luxury you don’t normally have because you’re on a train that just doesn’t stop.”

The action film, based on the classic TV series, stars franchise regulars Cruise, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner, Alec Baldwin, Ving Rhames and Michelle Monaghan, along with Henry Cavill, Angela Basset and Vanessa Kirby.

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