"Brett Eldredge" is the country singer-songwriter's fourth studio album.

"Brett Eldredge" is the country singer-songwriter's fourth studio album. Credit: Atlantic


“Brett Eldredge”

BOTTOM LINE Trying out a variety of country vocal approaches

Brett Eldredge’s voice has always set him apart from the country pack. It’s deep and rich and, since he hails from Paris, Illinois, twang-free.

On his fourth album, “Brett Eldredge” (Atlantic), there is more of a focus on his voice and using it in different ways to suit an eclectic set of songs.

There’s a bluesy tinge to it in “Superhero,” while the music features a stomping, dance-leaning groove that even includes an EDM drop. In the pretty ballad “No Stopping You,” Eldredge moves from the heart of his register to a vulnerable falsetto to punctuate the more emotional moments. For “Cycles,” his phrasing picks up the pace as he delivers one run-on sentence about how they move from exes to lovers. “If we drink, you know we’ll laugh and if we laugh, we’ll get close and if we get close, we’ll lose our clothes” and so on.

Eldredge is at his best, though, when he showcases his goofier side, the one he lets fans see on his popular Snapchat. And that’s what he does on “Somethin’ I’m Good At,” a self-deprecating sales pitch that moves effectively at various speeds, much like the man himself.

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