Rapper Fetty Wap performs at the Billboard 100 concert in...

Rapper Fetty Wap performs at the Billboard 100 concert in Jones Beach, August 23, 2015. Credit: Ryan C. Jones

Two girls were hurt at the Billboard Hot 100 festival at Jones Beach Sunday afternoon after rap star Fetty Wap leapt from the roughly 5-foot-tall stage into a crowd of fans during the last song of his 30-minute performance.

The legs of both girls appeared trapped under a steel fence that protected Wap from the hundreds of fans who came to watch his act.

Fans pushed toward and mobbed the New Jersey rapper to get near and capture cellphone video of him. The large crowd push led to a 2-minute frenzy in which the rapper's security detail also jumped into the crowd to get him out.

Hits by Wap, whose real name is Freddy Maxwell of Paterson, New Jersey, include "Trap Queen" and "My Way." He is considered among the most popular rap artists this year.

Medics wrapped the leg of one of the girls, and iced the leg of the other behind the stage around 3:30 p.m. and called the parents of the injured.

Wap returned to the stage, apologizing to the crowd of at least 1,000 fans before reciting the lyrics to his last song once more.

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