YouTube created the popularity of the South Korean singer PSY...

YouTube created the popularity of the South Korean singer PSY when he released the video Gangnam Style. PSY performs live this past fall with American hip-hop artist MC Hammer during the American Music Awards in Los Angeles. (Nov. 18, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

How do you follow the most-watched YouTube video of all time?

Well, Psy began his campaign to try this morning with “Gentleman,” his first single since “Gangnam Style,” which has 1.5 billion YouTube views. It’s hard to say whether “Gentleman” will succeed at this point -- Psy only released the audio track and, let’s face it, what sold “Gangnam Style” was the video and the galloping choreography.

However, “Gentleman,” where the South Korean sensation repeats “I’m a mother-father gentleman,” seems a bit more of an ordinary dance track than the loopy, unpredictable “Gangnam Style.” We’ll have to wait to see what Psy has up his blazer-covered sleeves this time.

Mobile/tablet users watch here:

UPDATE: So the video has arrived! And it's, well, underwhelming and a little mean. Check it out.

Mobile/tablet users watch here:

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